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When contemplating a dental restoration, many dentist’s material of choice is porcelain, but this may be out of sheer convenience. You may want to discuss with your dentist the time-tested benefits of gold.

Today, many dentists have invested in 3D scanning and printing technology to make crowns, implants, aligners, and dentures themselves. So, it is faster and more cost effective for them to recommend porcelain rather than metal restorations. While porcelain is an excellent material for dental restoration because it looks the most natural, there are many reasons to want metal, particularly gold.

First, you may assume that gold is by far the most costly material to use for dental restoration. Surprisingly, this is incorrect. Of course, it depends on how much pure gold is used, but gold teeth can be made and installed for around the same price as porcelain teeth, and in some instances, gold may even be less expensive.

The substance used for dental reconstruction that is considered the toughest and longest-lasting is… You guessed it! Gold. It is a very malleable metal and highly resistant to breakage, wear, and corrosion.

Gold is gentlest to neighboring teeth and fits the best because of its malleability. It has the ability to expand and contract, along with your teeth, when exposed to hot and cold. So, it does an excellent job of sealing and preventing leakage or recurrent tooth decay.

When prepping your natural tooth for a crown, it will need to be reduced in size by grinding it down so the cap can be placed on top. Porcelain requires that more of the natural tooth be removed, while a gold crown allows for you to keep more of your original tooth.

Unlike other materials, you don’t need to worry about your body rejecting or becoming allergic to gold. Gold is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and biocompatible. Gold has been an extremely compatible substance when used for medical purposes alongside human tissue.

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