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If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of a damaged or unflattering tooth or wish you could provide further protection for weakened tooth structure, we invite you to ask our dentist about a dental crown. These tooth prosthetics are durable caps that cover teeth above the gum line to add additional protection prevent further damage from occurring. We offer a review of how custom dental crowns can improve your oral health and help you achieve an aesthetic smile.

If you have suffered severe tooth damage and need to completely cover a tooth, we can help you determine if a dental crown provides the protection and durability that your smile needs. The function of dental crowns is to protect weak or broken teeth, even if the tooth has been shattered and is in pieces. The placement of a dental crown can bond the pieces together and preserve the function of the tooth so that it continues to serve your smile.

By receiving a dental crown, you can provide the protection and support that a tooth needs to last for decades to come. For example, if you have developed a large cavity that needs to be treated with a dental filling, but the tooth does not have enough remaining structure to support the filling, our dentist can also place a dental crown over the tooth to bond both the filling and tooth structure together. Dental crowns can also be used to conceal previous treatments on a tooth and can be a safe and effective dental treatment for children who are prone to developing cavities.

If you need to schedule an oral exam to learn more about dental crowns in Alachua, Florida, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adel, our dentist at Douglas M. Adel, DDS, P.A., by calling 386-462-4635 today!